The Mobile Sports Injury Recovery Bench

Used for minor injury recovery in a variety of contact sports…
rugby union, rugby  league, soccer, cricket, basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc

Designed and manufactured by Tuff Plastic Moulders Ltd.
The concept is by Trevor Albert, a stalwart of BOP Rugby for over 50 years. Trevor was tired of seeing players huddled under raincoats on the side lines and he knew there had to be something better

"The Bench" mobile sports recovery bench
The Bench
About to be moved with hand trolley

"The Bench" showing available advertising sponsorship space
The Bench
Advertising & sponsorship banner

"The Bench" being moved into position
The Bench
Being repositioned on the field

"The Bench" showing injured player recovering
The Bench
With injured player recovering

Using a special trolley you can now tow your field gear to the side line and keep it safe

  • It is setup to provide shelter, rain hail or shine
  • It provides safe storage for water bottles and warm-up gear
  • It can provide seating for off-the-bench players
  • Flip the seat over and you have a mobile lockdown stretcher
  • It has first aid kit storage
  • Club or sponsors colours are available
  • It has a multiple sponsors billboard, with the sponsor’s name faces the public gallery for maximum exposure
  • It is useful for any type of sports venue
  • The canopy can be clear or sunshade
  • There are pegs to clamp down on windy days
  • It packs up everything inside for transport or storage
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Durable plastic rotational mouldings manufactured from virgin polyethylene with added ultraviolet light stabilisers for long-life. Products include boat seats, marine seating, marine pedestals, burley pots and cages, bait boards, fish bin seats, live bait bins, seating swivels, motor home tanks, caravan tanks, caravan roof vents, water tanks, colostrum tanks, tub chairs, rugby mannequins, sports recovery benches, horse float tanks, horse feeders, fence feeders, waterfalls, garden ponds, truck mudguards, vented mudguards, dog kennels, dog houses, dog boxes, grease traps, cesspit outlets , ute tool boxes, truck tool boxes, pole mounts for fishing rod holders