Motorhome and Caravan Water Tanks

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of motor home and caravan tanks useful for fresh drinking water and for grey and black water. Our tanks can also be installed on horse floats/trucks

30 Litre Toyota Water Tank
30 Ltr Toyota Tank
1110mm x 180mm x 165mm

36 Ltr Water Tank
36 Ltr Tank
770mm x 340mm x 160mm

40 Ltr Water Tank
40 Ltr Tank
420mm x 400mm x 250mm

Long Water Tank - 40 Ltr
40 Ltr – Long Tank
1200mm x 300mm x 120mm

40 Ltr Water Tank - Chevron Model
40 Ltr Chevron
750mm x 330mm x 180mm

60 Ltr Water Tank
60 Ltr Tank
750 x 520mm x 180mm

38 Ltr Water Tank
38 Ltr Tank
600mm x 500mm x 170mm
Cut-out 340mm x 170mm

Iveco 70 Ltr Waste Tank
Iveco 70 Ltr Tank
950mm x 350mm x 250mm
Cut-out 160mm x 160mm

07 Merc 70 Ltr Tank
07 Merc 70 Ltr Tank
1150mm x 320mm x 230mm

70 Ltr Horse Float Tank
70 Ltr Horse Float Tank
1000mm top x 580mm bottom x
710mm sides x 190mm deep

80 Ltr - Long Tank
80 Ltr – Long Tank
1200mm x 400mm x 170mm

100 Litre Waste Tank
100 Ltr Waste Tank
790mm x 450mm x 300mm

100 Litre Waste Tank
100 Ltr Boat Tank
1000mm x 490mm x 260mm

75 Ltr Waste Tank
75 Ltr Waste Tank
610mm x 445mm x 300mm

80 Ltr Tank
80 Ltr Tank
920mm x 450mm x 220mm

85 Ltr Universal Tank
85 Ltr Universal Tank
700mm x 450mm x 300mm

85 Ltr and 95 Ltr Tanks
85 Ltr and 95 Ltr Tanks
85 Ltr
900mm x 350mm x 285mm
95 Ltr
100mm x 350mm 285mm

160 Ltr Tank
160 Ltr Tank
1000mm x 700mm x 250mm

120 Ltr Tank
120 Ltr Tank
950mm x 500mm x 300mm

250 Ltr Tank
250 Ltr Tank
1060mm x 600mm x 390mm

85 Ltr Baffled Heavy-wall Tank
85 Ltr Baffled Heavy-wall Tank Can be drilled & tapped 690mm x 440mm x 310mm

Baffled heavy-wall Tanks
110 Ltr and 125 Ltr
Baffled heavy-wall Tanks
Can be drilled & tapped
110 Ltr
900mm x 460mm x 300mm
125 Ltr
885mm x 490mm x 300mm

140 Ltr Baffled Heavy Wall Tank
140 Ltr Baffled Heavy Wall
Tank can be drilled & tapped
900mm x 460mm x 380mm
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Durable plastic rotational mouldings manufactured from virgin polyethylene with added ultraviolet light stabilisers for long-life. Products include boat seats, marine seating, marine pedestals, burley pots and cages, bait boards, fish bin seats, live bait bins, seating swivels, motor home tanks, caravan tanks, caravan roof vents, water tanks, colostrum tanks, tub chairs, rugby mannequins, sports recovery benches, horse float tanks, horse feeders, fence feeders, waterfalls, garden ponds, truck mudguards, vented mudguards, dog kennels, dog houses, dog boxes, grease traps, cesspit outlets , ute tool boxes, truck tool boxes, pole mounts for fishing rod holders